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Dizmo. A new revolutionary digital interface.

Interface Dizmo

Dizmo patented interface technology gives users direct access and full control of their digital world of content, data, services and objects from any source, on any display and any platform. Dizmo allows to create, instantiate, connect, manipulate and share digital gizmos for an infinite amount of use cases for the home, office and on-the-go.

Dizmo is a ground-breaking software platform designed to embrace the new digital world and support the requirements of the “Internet of Things” (IoT).

They call it the “Interface of Things™”.

More Information

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OpenControllers. A set of experimental ‘tactile’ UI.

UI Open Controllers

Open Controllers is an experimental UI project developed by artist Marc Dubois, with help from others at the ECAL university of art and design in Switzerland, that pairs the sensors of your average smartphone with the utilitarian convenience of cheap home goods.

With a pair of bowls and some wooden trivets, you can make a wooden ball that recognises when it’s rolling through the phone’s gyroscope — players can roll a similar ball on the screen, or use it for something more abstract, like rotating platforms. By putting a phone inside a lamp’s detached shade, you can use its camera to detect the direction of light when you swivel the head of that lamp, then port that information into a puzzle game. Or you can just stuff your phone in a box.

So think geometric physical IKEA products with iPhones housed within, delivering realtime UI \ interactions.

Source: The Verge

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