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China QR code badges. Helping senior citizens get home.

QR Code Badges For Senior Chinese Citizens

Distributed by Dingxiang Community in Anhui Province, each QR code \ badge holds information about the owner, such as their ID card number, family contact numbers and the district where they live. All you need to lend a helping hand is a smartphone that can scan QR codes. While it’s possible to carry the badge, made of durable plastic, the local authority has also developed a version that can be stitched onto clothes – which lowers the chances of losing it.

It’s a really simple & clever way to help the elderly if they get lost while out walking on their own. For more information, please visit PSFK.

Source: PSFK

Eyeverify. ‘Eyeball selfie’ passwords for your smart devices.

'Eyeball Selfie' Passwords By Eyeverify

EyeVerify is the exclusive provider of EyePrint ID, a highly accurate & secure biometric password technology solution for mobile devices. Eyeprint ID delivers a password free mobile experience and secure authentication at ‘a glance’. This patented solution uses existing cameras on smartphones to image and pattern match the blood vessels in the whites of your very own unique eye.

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Wildcard. Create & deploy rich interactive mobile social cards.

htmlemaildesigns. Beautiful showcase of email campaigns.

Beautiful Open. Open source platforms & technologies.

After Dark. Tour the Tate Britain through the eyes of a robot.

Estimote ibeacon stickers. Track movement, temperature & proximity.

iBeacon Stickers By Estimote

Brand new super tiny ibeacons truly designed to be placed on everyday objects. Simply attach a sticker to an item to turn it into a ‘nearable’ – a smart, connected object that broadcasts data about its location, motion and temperature.

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Tesco Google Glass. An app you can order by looking at the barcode. 

Google Glass App Tesco

A prototype Google Glass app that lets the wearer scan a barcode to quickly add products to their virtual basket or find out their nutritional information.

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