Digioxide. An electronic device which turns air pollution into art.

Digioxide Digital Art Device

A portable wireless device equipped with sensors allowing a person to seek out & convert air pollution into rich, abstract, colourful digitised art.

Official Digioxide website

ROY G BIV. Experimental mobile app turning colour into music.

Roy G BIV Experimental Music App

Courtesy of the crazy, weird and wonderful ROY G BIV mobile app, I now know what a slice of pizza sounds like (as a snippet of electro-synthesised music).

Official ROY G BIV website

TransWall. Turns glass walls into two-sided touchscreen holo displays.

Google I/O 2014. Official app source code available to download for free.

Peek. Free remote user testing for mobile & websites.

Elements of Design. 24 key principles animated.

Ritot. The world’s first projection smart watch.

FullStory Analytics. ‘Replay’ all user interactions.

Modern Polaxis. An Augmented Reality Comic Book + App.

Walking City. A slowly evolving architecture sculpture animation.