DAQRI AR Helmet. Augmented Reality for industry & enterprise.

AR Daqri Smart Helmet

Real-time AR rich contextual 4D content displayed in one ‘fine-looking’ hard hat for industry. Meet the DAQRI Smart Helmet: a powerful helmet with augmented reality that provides workers with important data when they need it. Its 4D interface enables workers to see content and touch/control the interface through integration with third party devices, such as a smart watch.

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iBeacon Magnums. Social Ice Cream experiences.

iBeacon Mpulse Magnum

Unilever has developed the ‘M-Pulse’ iBeacon powered app allowing Londoners to seek out friends, find their closest Magnum retailer and invite them to meet up for an ice cream, as part of Magnum’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

M-Pulse is also designed to enable “proximity marketing” highlighting exclusive deals and offers, in a bid to drive sales and footfall. The brand has partnered with WHSmith in London and the South East, where outlets will install iBeacons in chiller cabinets throughout the region.

Interesting use of iBeacon technology.

Source: Marketing Magazine UK

Social Swipe Poster. World’s 1st ‘Donate-With-A-Swipe’ Outdoor Campaign.

The Social Swipe Poster

Hamburg-based advertising agency Kolle Rebbe partnered with a charity organisation MISEREOR to create an outdoor poster campaign which helped encourage donations in a smart and innovative way. Recognising that most people in Hamburg use a form of card for payment, they created the first outdoor interactive donation posters accepting credit cards – ‘The Social Swipe’.

A very simple, super quick & engaging way to encourage payments. Nice blend of old tech (posters & card readers) used in an innovative way. Love the simplicity. Perfectly executed. For more information, please visit Design Taxi.

Source: Design Taxi

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