Fuffr. Multitouch outside your smartphone.

Multitouch Smartphone Case Fuffr

Smartphones are amazing but what if they could do more? Imagine multitouch no longer confined to a phone’s screen, instead having the surfaces around it becoming interactive. A new and revolutionary way of using your smartphone.

After playing around with the technology Fuffr realised the potential of what it could achieve and today they’ve presented their first product, focused on mobile gaming.

The start of something big, a new wave of mobile interactions. Looking very promising.

Introducing Fuffr

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Yippee! A Sitecore customer experience award win.

Sitecore Customer Experience Awards

Now, in its seventh year, the Sitecore Customer Experience Awards recognise the leading companies who use Sitecore to create amazing experiences for every customer that engages with their brand across every channel.

Sitecore’s experience platform combines best-in-class web content management with marketing automation, email marketing, social media, e-commerce, optimisation, and analytics into a single, unified solution. As in previous years, the 2014 award winners relied on Sitecore’s software to drive web campaigns and digital marketing strategies to meet business goals, representing excellence across verticals and business applications.

A little bit about our solution

The redesign and redevelopment of the Globus Family of Brands websites led to them becoming much more consumer facing, with ease of use vastly improved. The new websites were created to not only facilitate online bookings, but also make the process much more seamless & direct for consumers.

From an information architecture and customer journey point of view, tours were reorganised by departure date to aid in achieving this vision. This became key in delivering the overarching experience as it determined the specific vessel the traveller would actually embark upon on the selected date. It also dictated what room categories were available on that given cruise.

This fundamental change gave Globus the opportunity to show the user the exact price, configuration and availability of the cabin, room, coach and vessel that the traveller would get if and when they booked – thus removing multiple barriers to the online transaction and decision-making process. This project in turn resulted in far greater transparency and tour marketability for GFOB, as well as delivering on the grander vision of bringing a much more informed user experience for prospective travellers and customers.

A big congrats & thanks!

Our team’s fantastic efforts delivering a suite of websites for Globus has paid off winning the Travel & Hospitality category at this years awards. A big shout out and thanks to Globus who worked in close collaboration with our team over these past 12+ months – has been a great journey. We’re very much looking forward further leveraging from the Sitecore platform and enhancing the sites this coming year. Onwards and upwards!

View the case study
View the official press release

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