TinyScreen. A colour digital display the size of your thumb!

Display Tinyscreen

TinyScreen is a tiny customizable display. Play games, get notifications from your phone and display useful information.


Mobile UX. ‘Wayfinding’ for the mobile web.

Startup School. Advice, tips & ‘doodle notes’ from world-renowned founders.

Sticky Jots. Rapid ideation & prototyping paper-based tools.

CodyHouse. Free library of HTML, CSS & JS ‘nuggets’.

Dizmo. A new revolutionary digital interface.

Interface Dizmo

Dizmo patented interface technology gives users direct access and full control of their digital world of content, data, services and objects from any source, on any display and any platform. Dizmo allows to create, instantiate, connect, manipulate and share digital gizmos for an infinite amount of use cases for the home, office and on-the-go.

Dizmo is a ground-breaking software platform designed to embrace the new digital world and support the requirements of the “Internet of Things” (IoT).

They call it the “Interface of Things™”.

More Information

Signul. World’s 1st personal beacon system.

FlexSense. Interaction physical ‘overlay’ sheets for tablets.

The sticker UI book by Killer inc.

Invisibles not wearables will profoundly change health care.