Fuel UX. A rich front-end library for extending Bootstrap.

Awesome SVG. The ultimate curated list of assets + materials.

Responsive Design. The Next Big Thing.

Oculus VR mobile SDK & platform for developers announced.

Tilt Brush. A real-time spacial Virtual Reality paintbrush.

Virtual Reality Paintbrush

Imagine painting in the air – wherever you are. Well you can now courtesy of the Tilt Brush by Skillman & Hackett. A real-time Virtual Reality ‘paintbrush’. Promising from anĀ artistic & rapid prototyping perspective. Still in the very early stages of development but looking very interesting!

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API.ai A speech recognition platform for literally everything.

Experience continuity. MIT’s ‘magic lens’ single experience.

Google Analytics. In-App Audience Demographics Reporting & Remarketing.

eCommerce usability. Research studies by Baymard Institute

Mix for Paper. Creative collaboration.

Creative Collaboration Made Easy With Mix

Mix by FiftyThree expands on their popular, award-winning drawing app “Paper” by adding features focusing on creative collaboration. Now you can sketch, paint, draw and work on a project with a co-worker or friend, with Mix pushing updates to participating devices. And the best part of all is you needn’t be an accomplished artist to benefit. FiftyThree calls Mix “a visual conversation,” and that’s an apt description.

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