Charles Sturt – Masters of Mobile Applications

Gruden and Mobile Den are happy to announce our collaboration and sharing of our industry knowledge and skills in a new degree entitled “Masters of Mobile Applications Development”. The degree is being introduced through Charles Sturt University as it aims to fill the demand placed upon developers today. Development of Mobile applications are now becoming an integral factor as mobile technology is being filled into every facet of our lives including personal and business use.

As businesses must now compete in the digital world, employment opportunities for developers is almost guaranteed to grow. The new course is designed to empower and enable students to learn about the ins and outs of developing a Mobile app, as well as working within a development agency.  One such part of the course will allow you to develop apps across major platforms including Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows Mobile using the industry’s leading development platform programs.

As one of Australia’s oldest web development and digital agencies, Charles Sturt reached out to us to seek input and help guide and structure the course for the real world. We were honoured to be asked and to be able to give back to the community, and share our industry knowledge on the best practices and skills in the digital agency world.

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Oporto – The New Oporto Rewards App

Mobile Den would like to welcome yet another great brand to their award winning Mobile Den Platform. The history goes that Gruden were pitching for a website redesign for a different brand. Through this process Quick Service Restaurant Holdings saw an opportunity and asked Gruden to pitch for the Oporto app. Launching just over a week ago, Oporto Rewards is now available for download in Western Australia and soon to be released across Australia!

The design was modelled on existing branding and guidelines, tightly aligned to the branding refresh and ATL (Above The Line) direction. The UX was then woven into the base version of Mobile Den to ensure a seamless experience is created.

The Oporto Rewards app, now available on both on iPhone and Android, comes feature-packed. It includes a virtual Menu with nutritional information ready at hand, as well as a Social feed allowing users to get the latest news from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. The Oporto app features a Store locator fitted with Google maps, letting you to find your closest store quicker. The Oporto app also offers a number of promotions, including a free meal on your birthday and many other rewards. The app uses a point-based reward system, so you can now earn points for each dollar you spend and then be able to redeem that value in store.

Check out and download the Oporto Rewards app today by clicking on one of the links below!

Website –

Apple iTunes –

Android Play Store –

Free Our Voices. Donate Your Voice to Support Child Helpline International Charity.

Free Our Voices Charity Campaign

Child Helpline International Charity or CHI is a network of 179 child helplines in 143 countries around the globe. The organization receives calls from children and young people who need help and protection, and for the last ten years, CHI has received calls from over 277 million children. Many of the calls are about these children experiencing neglect, violence, sexually abuse, or suicide, but more than half of the calls go unanswered because the organisation doesn’t have enough resources.

This is where the organization’s new campaign, Free Our Voices, hopes to change. Free Our Voices is a new global pro-bono charity campaign that aims to raise awareness about this problem and get more support and resources for the organisation.

What’s unique about the Free Our Voices campaign is that it lets people use their own voices to give their support. The campaign utilizes custom sound recognition technology to let visitors to the campaign website sign the petition by verbally recording their name instead of the usual written or digital signature. The idea is for people to ‘give their voice’ to help children around the world be heard.

Source PSFK: More Information

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