Gruden is responsible for the design, build, enhancement and ongoing operational management of the successful whole-of-government AusTender system.

AusTender plays an integral role in the Australian Government legislative and regulatory frameworks in enabling procurement activities for agencies, as well as serving as a key platform for achieving accountability and transparency around the expenditure of public sector funds totalling over $60 billion annually.

  • 744% return on investment
  • Increase in service availability and performance
  • Increase in agility in responding to demands on infrastructure
  • Enhancements of infrastructure support service

The AusTender platform is hosted entirely on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

A range of services are used to support these environments. 

The key areas include;

  • Servers – EC2 instances running hardened AMIs from Amazon market place.
  • Resilience and Scaling – ALBs and ASGs are used to maintain reliable and highly available environments.
  • Storage – EBS, S3, Elasticache and RDS for the various data management requirements.
  • API – CloudFront, API Gateway and Lambda for API endpoint exposure and request processing.
  • Search – CloudSearch is used for document indexing and search capabilities.
  • Development – Code Deploy is used for application deployments to the various servers.
  • Backup – AWS Backup is the main automated storage retention solution.
  • Infrastructure As Code – Cloudformation is used to creation and update infrastructure.
  • Monitoring – Cloudwatch is used for visibility of the various environments.
  • Security – a suite of tools are used in this space, starting with IAM.
  • Cost Management – AWS Cost Explorer is used to keep track of costs and provide detailed report breakdowns.