The Australian Government has established GrantConnect as the whole-of-government Grant advertising, application and reporting system.

GrantConnect is the central interface between the Australian Government and potential grant recipients on all grant application processes in order to increase transparency in relation to the advertising and reporting of Australian Government grants.

GrantConnect provides an online self-service model for :

Advertising Grant Opportunities.

  • Publishing Grant Application documentation and addenda.
  • Processing Lodged Grant Applications.
  • Reporting on Grants Awarded.
  • Administration and Reporting Tools.
The GrantConnect platform is hosted entirely on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

A range of services are used to support these environments. 

The key areas include;

  • Servers – EC2 instances running hardened AMIs from Amazon market place.
  • Resilience and Scaling – ALBs and ASGs are used to maintain reliable and highly available environments.
  • Storage – EBS, S3, Elasticache and RDS for the various data management requirements.
  • API – CloudFront, API Gateway and Lambda for API endpoint exposure and request processing.
  • Search – CloudSearch is used for document indexing and search capabilities.
  • Development – Code Deploy is used for application deployments to the various servers.
  • Backup – AWS Backup is the main automated storage retention solution.
  • Infrastructure As Code – Cloudformation is used to creation and update infrastructure.
  • Monitoring – Cloudwatch is used for visibility of the various environments.
  • Security – a suite of tools are used in this space, starting with IAM.
  • Cost Management – AWS Cost Explorer is used to keep track of costs and provide detailed report breakdowns.